Stephen Is very proud of the fact that he alone is the Greater Shankill’s only fully qualified and professionally qualified Funeral Director, he holds the highly prestigious National association of Funeral Directors Foundation Certificate along with their Diploma in Funeral Directing. The NAFD Diploma is widely regarded as the gold standard in funeral training. Stephen is also a full member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, again the only local funeral director to be part of this Institute. acceptance into the BIFD is based upon Professional qualifications and is reserved exclusively for those who meet and maintain the highest standards of training and professionalism. The BIFD also has recently presented Stephen with a licence to practice as a professionally qualified funeral Director, again the only local Funeral Director to hold this Licence. the BIFD say the following It is a little known – and quite shocking – fact that anyone in the UK can set themselves up as a Funeral Director without any previous experience, training or qualifications. No licence is necessary.
The British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD) is aiming to end this state of affairs. We are the pre-eminent provider of education within the funeral profession; all BIFD members have achieved an appropriate level of professional training, and our Licence to Practice is only granted to professionals who follow the Institute’s requirements for annual Continuous Professional Development.


Stephen is pleased to announce membership into the British Institute of Funeral Directors. This is a big accomplishment for me. Membership for the BIFD is not easy to accomplish. Membership is only for those only who have met the highest Standards of education and been fully trained and fully qualified in that profession. This along with my Diploma from the National Association of Funeral Directors thus proves my competence and professionalism to reassure you, my local community, of my commitment to serving you to the highest of standards and providing you with a quality service with fair pricing. Stephen is also pleased to announce he has been awarded a license to trade as a Professionally Qualified Funeral Director by the British Institute of Funeral Directors and is the only local Funeral Director to hold this professional achievement award.


Stephen McCosh receiving his Diploma from the National Association of Funeral Directors at their annual conference in May 2012.

The NAFD Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Funeral Directing are widely recognised as the gold standard qualifications for funeral profession. They are both endorsed for quality assurance purposes by Birmingham City University, and approved by OneAwards (formerly the Open College Network North East Region). The qualifications offers acquisition of the comprehensive knowledge and skills required for working in the funeral profession and involve a significant commitment by the student to learning both in the classroom and through their ongoing work with bereaved families.



By choosing a funeral professional who is a member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors, you can be certain that you are choosing a competent and qualified practitioner – the best qualified professional in your area.For funeral professionals, membership of the BIFD is a reassurance to your clients of your training and ongoing commitment to providing the best quality service.



Stephen is also a full member of the funeral planning trust which  have established and continue to maintain a fund of over £158 million which fully covers payments associated with the tens of thousands of plans it is responsible for, as well as having a significant surplus of several millions of pounds. This provides long-term security for every prepaid funeral plan and for the people who provide or pay for them.