Embalming, Burial or Cremation

coffin at a cemetery


Stephen McCosh is the greater Shankill’s only Funeral Director to employ the services of a fully qualified British Institute of Embalmers practitioner, also the services of a female embalmer to maintain dignity to the highest standards.


There will normally be a request for a pre–arranged or pre-owned grave space in a local district council cemetery or churchyard to be opened. Some churches have set fees for burials in churchyards of which we can advise you. The costs for burials in local council cemeteries vary and costs may be higher for the burial of someone who lived outside the parish or district council.

If a new grave is needed we can purchase this for you on your behalf at your time of need, again costs vary on cemetery and if the deceased was a resident and non-resident in the district council the grave is to be purchased in.

Many churchyards are no longer open for burials because there is no space left. If a space has been paid for in a cemetery, there will be a deed of grant more commonly referred to as a “grave lease”.



No one can be cremated until the cause of death is definitely known. There are certain forms that you will be required to sign. Crematoria costs are governed by the local authority which may change on an annual basis.

Ashes can be scattered in a garden of remembrance or in a favourite spot. They can be buried in a churchyard or cemetery or they can be kept. We can provide appropriate advice.