Stephen is a local man who fully understands and appreciates the local customs, traditions and expectations. He himself is proud to be from a working class family. Stephen offers his unique services to those who find themselves at that most difficult time in all our lives – the death of a loved one. with his extensive experience in the funeral industry managing two of Belfast’s leading funeral homes Stephen has never lost sight of the importance of treating families who have been bereaved with the utmost care and respect. “This is much more than a job to me, I have an empathy with those who are hurting and I want to be there for them in there time of need. I know only to well how difficult it can be to make ends meet and how simple it is for a grieving family to be burdened with costs of a funeral. I cannot take away the families heartache and sorrow but I can help lessen the financial burden of significant funeral costs. I can offer a service that is up to and often over 30% cheaper than some local funeral homes*. the pricing in no way reflects a lesser service, I handle every aspect of the funeral myself from start to finish to ensure the highest standards of care are maintained throughout and as a fully qualified Funeral Director holding the highly prestigious National Association of Funeral Directors Diploma award, which is considered the gold standard in funeral training, along with being member of the British Institute of Funeral Directors and having gained a licence from them to Practice as a professionally qualified funeral director this reflects my commitment to a quality service. A belief in old fashioned values when it comes to funerals is supported by a 21st centaury approach with provision of warm tranquil surroundings at 156 Shankill Road that will allow people to make informed decisions on what is best for them and their loved one. also Stephen can call to the family home and make all arrangements in a surrounding that is more comfortable with the family. If you have any questions regarding the cost of funerals, prepaid funeral plans or have recently lost someone and would help or guidance with DHSS forms, or even just a listening ear then look no further give Stephen McCosh a call.