Sponsorship is the life blood of local Football. Smaller teams absolutely rely on sponsorship to help keep them afloat and Stephen is more than happy to help his local teams. People have asked why I sponsor three different teams when one is sufficient. The answer is simple, they are all in different age categories!

Shankill Juniors is the youngest team I Sponsor and has a great set up for the young lads and is impeccably run by the coaches. This is a project close to my heart as it gives the young lads a chance in life to learn discipline on the field of sport and respect all of the attributes which will stand them in good stead for the future. It also shows these young lads a better way in life by interacting in sport rather than hanging around the streets of their local areas. I’m very proud to be able to sponsor these young lads and will continue to do so as they grow older.

My Second Sponsor is Albert Foundry under 18s. Albert Foundry have been established since 1924!!! That alone makes it a privilege to be able to play a part in that clubs rich history. They have a reputation second to none in the local area as well as a fearsome one for their highly competitive and very successful team. To be able to sponsor the up and coming team that will step into the first team shoes one day is a privilege to be part of and an honour to be able to come along for the journey with them. They also have a Latin logo which is second to none and one I can fully endorse.

Lastly but by no means least is Glencairn FC. Glencairn are a newly established team formed out of the old and well known St Andrews which originated from the same local area. Glencairn FC have done exceptionally well in their short space of time. In their first season they reached the semi – final of the cup a tremendous accomplishment for their first season. The clubs founders started the club to try and help the young men of the area engage in sport and give them something participate in and hope to recruit more young men from the area to help give them a goal and focus in life. But the main reason I support this team with sponsorship is the reason I beleive they will have the backing of the whole community in the Greater Shankill and all surrounding areas. Their logo is in remembrance to Michelle Baird. Michelle was only seven when she died. She never got to live her life. The little girl was blown up by an IRA bomb in one of the most notorious atrocities of the Troubles. Michelle, proudly wearing her new pink coat, was in a fishmongers’ in the Shankill Road with her parents; they were buying her favourite treat, crabsticks, when the 20lb bomb was detonated. Michelle, her parents Michael Morrison and Evelyn Baird, both 27, and six other innocents were killed in the blast. Michelle’s nine-year-old brother, Darren, and sister Lauren, only six weeks old, were orphaned. The people of the Shankill will always remember their own and to be part of a club who proudly display an everlasting tribute to this young lady will always be supported by me.



McCosh scores for Crusaders


When it comes to funeral directors Stephen McCosh is in the premier league,  that’s official!

The Shankill Road businessman turned football supremo in September when he sponsored defending champions Crusaders in their highly anticipated match against current league leaders Linfield.

The well-know undertaker was delighted to see his team beat their rivals 3-0 in the Dankes Bank Premiership game at Seaview.

Speaking after the match Stephen said “ As official sponsor of the match I was delighted to be on the winning side. Crusaders did us proud with their three goal victory in this much anticipated clash. It was a very exciting match and great to be part of the team, even for just one day. From management to players they demonstrated excellent team work, dedication, professionalism and hard work. All qualities which I hope,we at Stephen McCosh Funeral Directors  possess and display with all our clients.

“Like the Crues, I’ve also been blessed with loyal support in establishing and growing my business here on the Shankill and I hope that continues as we work to provide a first rate service as local prices.

“Without sponsorship our local football teams would find it incredibly difficult to cover the costs, work and effort into every game. So it was an honour to support and encourage the club. I wish them every success for the rest of the season,” added Stephen.