Who to inform

Who to inform

As well as telling friends and family of the death, you will probably need to contact various professional bodies.

There is a lot to think about and we would advise that you seek help in doing this from those close to you.

Our staff are available to give personal and discrete service at any time of the day or night, weekends, and public holidays.

Once our services are engaged, everything can be left in our care, giving peace of mind to you and dignity to the deceased.

Pre–paid Plan

If the deceased had arranged and paid for their funeral in advance please inform us and we will action the Prepaid Plan.

Employer, School or University

Contact relevant institutions so they can inform appropriate colleagues within their organisation including their payroll and pensions branch.

Medical Certificate of Death

You should collect the certificate from the deceased’s doctor as soon as possible, so that the death can be registered. A death that occurs in Northern Ireland can be registered in any Registration Office in the Province. Your District Registrar is normally based at the local council offices and their details can also be found on the internet.

Social Security and Bereavement Service

Call the Bereavement Service, free of charge, if the person who has passed away was getting a social security benefit such as State Retirement Pension, Attendance Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or Disability Living Allowance.

The Bereavement Service offers a single point of contact for reporting a death to the Social Security Agency and also offers access to other benefits that you may be entitled to.

Free–phone 0800 085 2463


There may be the need to either close an account or amend and alter any joint accounts with the relevant Bank or Building Society. This will most likely require the Bank or Building Society to receive a certified copy of the death certificate. Credit Card and Store Card companies will also need to be contact and may require a certified copy of the death certificate.

Insurance, policies and investments

The policy holders name may have to be changed, especially with regard to car insurance, as you are not legally insured to drive if the policy is in the deceased’s name. In order to redeem life assurance policies, the insurance company requires the policy document and a certified copy of the death certificate.

Investment company bonds. Premium Bonds are not transferable. The Post Office will issue you with a form that needs to be sent to the Bonds and Stocks Office.

HMRC / Inland Revenue

At a suitable time you will need to telephone or write to your local district tax office to give them details of the deceased’s name and National Insurance number. In certain cases there may be a rebate of tax due or, depending the situation, further tax may need to be paid (Inheritance taxes etc.). Take advice from your solicitor if they are looking after any directions from the deceased’s instruction in their will.

Utility bills

If any of the normal utility bills such as oil, gas, electric, mobile telephone, internet service providers cable or satellite companies are in the deceased’s name these should be informed.

Cancelling items

Milk; Newspapers, Home Help services, Meals on Wheels, Social Services etc. Hairdresser, or any medical appointments. These should be cancelled at the earliest opportunity.

Post and mailing lists

Mail can be re–directed by Royal Mail to another address for a small charge. There is also a document available to cancel unwanted mail being delivered to the deceased address which will normally be given to you when registering the death with the local authority.

To remove the deceased’s name from mailing lists and other databases go to these web sites:



If the deceased’s home is going to be left unattended in the short term, do make sure that all doors and windows are secure.

During the winter or a cold snap, consider leaving the heating on during even for a short time each day to prevent the pipes from freezing.

To give the appearance of the house being occupied: adjust blinds and curtains regularly, purchase a time clock to turn a lamp on and off at intervals, entrust a key to a neighbour who will attend to any newspapers and mail that arrives.

Returning Documents

Vehicle regestration documents

These should be returned to the DVLA to ensure change of name of ownership. A vechile re–tax will also required at this stage.

Driving licence

To be sent to the,

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, County Hall, Coleraine, BT51 3HS

If the licence can not be found, then send a letter to the DVLA giving the licence holders name and address.


You should return the passport to Her Majesty’s Passport Office Belfast Passport

Customer Service Centre, Law Society House, 90 –106 Victoria Street, Belfast BT1 3GN


Return club membership cards, library books and Season Tickets; a refund may be issued.

Television licence

Inform National TV Licensing of the change the name of the holder if you wish to continue to use a or a refund may be issued.

National health service equipment

If the deceased has been using any NHS equipment, these will need to be returned the appropriate health facility.